Hi, I'm Casey! I am based in Baltimore, MD and my background is in risk, tech, financial engineering and real estate investing. I consider myself to be an intellectually curious and tenacious self-starter, and I love making connections and putting disparate pieces together. I think my MB personality type (INTP) sums it up pretty well. When I'm not reading/researching or working with clients, you'll find me playing hockey 🏒, golf ⛳, snowboarding 🚠 or hiking 🏔 with my 3 year old daughter.

I am the owner/operator of two consulting businesses – C2RiskGroup and C2SearchGroup. The first is focused on risk management and insurance for banks, credit unions and real estate syndicators, and the second is focused on recruiting (mostly tech/marketing/analytics for startups and financial publishing companies) . There is a surprising amount of overlap between the two – it's all about building relationships and providing value.

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